Suzuki Circle 2021 is centered around a unique one-week Teaching Strategies Plus course that offers teachers the opportunity to receive feedback from master teacher Caroline Fraser and share ideas/encouragement within a community of teachers learning together. 

Suzuki Circle's Teaching Strategies will be offered in two sessions, one per week, and is made extra valuable by giving participants the opportunity to experience this wonderful course "plus" all that Suzuki Circle 2021 has to offer each week:

  • Suzuki Circle Cafe social discussion 

  • Teacher Music Share performance opportunities

  • Master Class Observations

  • Group Class Observation

  • Parent Discussion

  • Comfy Concert

  • Student Recitals

  • Final Concert and Worldwide BBQ on July 24

Teachers unable to enroll in Teaching Strategies are encouraged to register for a weekly Observation Pass to attend class observations, recitals, discussions, and more!


For Teachers

The Student Experience at Suzuki Circle 2021:

  •  Master Classes  (by invitation only - let your teacher know if you are interested!)

  • Group Classes (open to Suzuki students of Teaching Strategies participants)

  • Student Concerts with opportunities to get to know other Suzuki students

  • Comfy Concert presented by Suzuki Teacher Hillary Nordwell (a great opportunity to get to know a beautiful set of short pieces by Robert Schumann, as well as your fellow participants!). 

All student participants in the events above are also invited to the Final Concert and the Worldwide BBQ on July 24.

Contact us or your teacher if you're interested!

For Students


Parents of Suzuki students can register for weekly Parent Talk  workshops - a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced teachers, as well as share ideas and experiences with fellow Suzuki Parents!
Register for a single workshop ($30) or immerse yourself by grabbing an Observation Pass ($50/week) which includes:


  • Parent Talk

  • Master Class Observation 

  • Group Class Observation (student participation in class requires a separate fee)

  • Comfy Concert (week 1) or Student Recital (week 2)

  • Final Concert and Worldwide BBQ on Saturday, July 24.


For Parents